Welcome to LastMessages. On this page you can set your settings (such as how often we should check in with you), and confirm your subscription. At a minimum you will need to add your name so that when your LastMessages are sent, the reciever knows who they have come from. 

Once done, jump over to the Messages page to start creating your LastMessages.

Check In
How often do you want us to check in? We will send you a message via email anywhere from once per day to once per year. All you have to do is open the email and your LastMessages reminder timer will be reset.
Check in every
How Long Do We Wait?
If we don't hear from you, we will remind you every day. How long do you want us to remind you until we trigger your LastMessages process? Maximum reminder period is one year. Once triggered, your messages marked as 'Immediate' will be sent straight away, all others will sent as per your set schedule.
Remind me for
Where Do We Reach You?
To prevent an accidental trigger of your LastMessages, you can add multiple emails for us to try and reach you. If any of these emails are opened, your check-in-timer will be reset.
Add Email
Login Email
Update your account login email below. This is seperate to the email that we contact you on above (although you can use the same email for both). If you change this, an email will be sent to your new address to confirm it. The new address will not become active until confirmed.
Your Name
Fill out your name below. This is used when sending your LastMessages so that recipients know who the message has come from.
First Name
Last Name
You can explore LastMessages for free as much as you want for free, but any messages you setup won’t be active until you have upgraded to a paid plan. You can subscribe for either US$10 per year, or a lifetime one-off payment of US$50. The annual subscription stops when we lose contact with you and your LastMessages are activated, or if you choose to cancel your subscription.
$10 Annual Subscription
$50 One-Off Lifetime
Save Settings
Ensure you click save to save any changes made.