Message Title
Give your message a title so you can more easily manage multiple messages (optional). Nobody can see this but you.
What is the message that you would like to be sent?
Encrypt Message
Here you can encrypt part of the message so that nobody but the recipient can see it. Use a password that is known to the recipient, either because you have communicated it to them separatley in advanced, or it is something of common knowledge that you can provide a hint for.
Who should we send this message to?
Add Another
How long after your LastMessages process is triggered do you want your message to send?
What if we can't get hold of recipient?
What should we do if we can't get through to the recipient (for example if their email bounces)? We can discard the message, try someone else you specify or hold the message in case the person ever asks to see it.
What if something happens to us?
We don't expect this to happen, and have numerous contingencys to ensure LastMessages keeps operating no matter what (we have 50y of operating cost set aside in a trust), however if something does happend to LastMessages and it is unable to continue holding any messages, what would you like us to do with your message? We can discard the message, send the message early or send it to someone else to hold that you specify.
Review Reminders
How often do you want us to remind you to review this message to ensure it is still relevant? We'll send you an email with the message contents, you just have to click that it is still relevant (or that you want to edit it). Note: we won't be able to send you any of the encrypted contents as we don't store your Password.